3 Things to Know About Live Rosin Gummies

As more states legalize cannabis, infused gummies have begun arriving in all sorts of shapes, flavors and textures: Some are square, some taste of pineapple or pear, and others are dusted with confectioner’s sugar as if being presented on The Great British Baking Show.

But for all the variety available, the physical and cerebral effects of one gummy brand generally aren’t that different from another because of the generic, bulk-produced, chemically-extracted cannabis oil used to deliver the THC. However, at äkta, we’ve found a better way.

Live Rosin Gummies crafted by äkta enhance your experience by offering the full spectrum of plant cannabinoids, a robust terpene profile and zero toxic solvent residue. They are truly unlike any other gummy in Colorado’s cannabis marketplace—and the difference can be identified immediately in their authentic flavor profiles. Here are three things to know about our Live Rosin Gummies:

1) A Greener Form of Green: How Live Rosin is Made

When you try one of our gummies, as a sense of physical relaxation and mental calm creep their way in, you’ll also notice a major factor that sets our Live Rosin Gummies apart: an authentic full-flower experience that better expresses the nuances of a particular strain or cultivar.

And that all comes down to our hash-making process.

We kick off production by flash-freezing fresh cannabis right after harvest, ensuring all of the plant’s terpenes—the elements of cannabis that produce distinct aromas and flavors—make it to the final product. This technique preserves the full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids; there are over 100 different cannabinoids found in cannabis, and we don’t leave out any that are naturally produced by the plant, allowing the consumer to tap into the entourage effects of cannabinoids and terpenes interacting in concert with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

2) Nothing Is Lost With Live Rosin—And Nothing Unnatural is Added

Other methods for making cannabis concentrates might introduce a chemical solvent such as butane or propane into the extraction process, along with employing high heat to convert the plant compounds into a viscous liquid that is then added to edibles or vape pens. Byproducts of those extraction methods include the potential for leftover chemical residues, coupled with the complete loss of terpenes and non-THC cannabinoids.

äkta gummies are made from live rosin, one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate in existence. We begin by placing the flash-frozen cannabis in an ice-water bath, carefully sifting away the cannabinoid- and terpene-containing plant trichomes to produce water hash. Then, through a process of applying gentle heat and compression, live rosin hash oil is formed and then naturally cured—less heavy-duty chemistry, more artisan alchemy.

There are hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant, from cannabinoids to terpenes and flavonoids, and our live rosin extraction process retains the full spectrum of the plant’s profile. That means our cannabis concentrates offer an entourage effect, where all the compounds within the plant work together to express the plant’s full potential.

3) The Purity of the Plant Shines Through in Live Rosin

But here’s the biggest differentiator between äkta Live Rosin Gummies and other edibles: Frankly, there’s nowhere for inferior cannabis to hide.

The use of solvents in other products homogenizes the source plant material and makes it easier for lower-quality cannabis to find its way into gummies. Because äkta’s artisan live rosin makes use of the full spectrum of cannabinoid and terpene compounds, we always source our soil-grown flower from our trusted cultivation partner, Hava Gardens.

At äkta, we’re dedicated to delivering a flavorful, authentic cannabis experience previously confined to smoking and vaping, with a new level of convenience and reliability for cannabis edibles.

Find äkta live rosin products near you.

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