All About äkta’s Recyclable Cannabis Product Packaging

They’re everywhere. Bins with the three “chasing arrows” are ubiquitous with recycling—to the point where we happily feed them our food and beverage containers and paper products to be stripped for parts and reused. Unfortunately, recycling cannabis packaging is more complicated for a number of reasons.

Together, though, we can make a difference. At äkta, we’re devoted to creating the greenest products possible—from solventless Live Rosin to fully recyclable cannabis product packaging. Here’s the scoop on why äkta is going above and beyond to offer low-waste packaging solutions and how you can help keep the cannabis sustainability train on track.

Product Pain Points

The deck is stacked against cannabis companies when it comes to packaging. State regulations require products to have child-protective containers and wraps, many of which are made from plastics that squat in a landfill for thousands of years. Companies must also present all of the product’s side effects and warnings, which requires a slew of additional labels.

Issues also arise when companies offer smaller portions of cannabis. For example, Airfield Supply Co., a California dispensary taking action against unnecessary product waste, noted to High Times that roughly 2 million individual joint tubes find their way into California landfills each year.

Partners in Green

At äkta, our partners are of paramount importance—Hava Gardens, for example, provides cannabis of a supremely high level of quality and freshness that ensures every craft batch of our Live Rosin hits all the right notes.

Hava Gardens takes a different approach than other cultivators by using Living Soil, an innovative cultivation practice that builds a robust, nutrient-packed soil biome over many harvest cycles, and which also keeps thousands of pounds of growing medium out of the landfill each year.

Our Live Rosin products couldn’t truly sing without the help of The Paper Tube Co. for our sustainable packaging. The company specializes in eco-friendly tubing that helps our Live Rosin concentrates look as stunning on the shelf as they do in a vape cartridge or a dab rig. These containers are made entirely out of biodegradable paper and are enhanced by other green flourishes like earth-friendly soy inks, biodegradable plastic-free linings and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.

The Paper Tube Co. is equally devoted to remaining a good steward to the environment: A portion of their proceeds goes to One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforesting the planet.

How to Ensure Reuse

Packaging by The Paper Tube Co. is fully recyclable once you remove any stickers that may have been added by the retailer—this includes both the paper tubes as well as the aluminum tins that hold our Live Rosin gummies.

Here’s how you can help the sustainability cause: If the insides of the containers are sticky or otherwise contain some residue from the Live Rosin, give the whole thing a quick rinse. Be sure to check with your city’s individual recycling ordinances to ensure you’re following the right processes.

Our empty containers can also be directly repurposed. Tubes are great for on-the-go storage of cannabis products, as they are conveniently sized and seal away most of the odor. Some dispensaries offer discounts if you bring in your old packaging; Colorado residents in particular should keep an eye out for recycle bins from Green for Green, a local organization that partners with dispensaries to directly collect all recyclable materials. Another option can be found with organizations such as Matthew 25: Ministries, who accept donations of old pill bottles (which includes cannabis packaging) for help in shipping medication around the world to areas that need it most.

Start the Cycle

At äkta, we’re thrilled with our 100% recyclable containers but even more thrilled by what comes inside. Check out äkta’s full product line by visiting our site and picking up some of our Live Rosin concentrate batter, vape cartridges, or gummies and experience the difference. Find a retailer near you with our store locator.

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