At äkta, We’re All About Sustainably Sourced Cannabis and Organic Growing Methods

Cannabis buds photograph well. Their luminous trichome crystals and tapestry of green hues yield pictures that are worth a thousand joints, causing cannabis connoisseurs to salivate for sativas and indicas.

But at äkta, we know that the beauty of the buds is more than only green-deep. 

Exceptional cannabis, like the kind grown by our cultivation partner, Hava Gardens, is the result of practices designed to minimize the cannabis carbon footprint in every step of the process. The best way to ensure the most Earth-friendly bud bounties is to follow the cleanest tenets in sustainable energy use and organic cultivation methods. 

Here’s more about our obsession with sustainably sourced cannabis and organic growing methods, and why we do things differently at äkta and Hava Gardens:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cannabis first took root in the wild, relying only on the sun and the soil to reach its full bloom. 

It’s a resilient plant that requires little else than what occurs organically in nature, yet so many growers indiscriminately douse their plants with harmful pesticides and mar their soil with artificial nutrients and chemicals. Not only are these practices unnecessary, they have a cumulative effect in making the cannabis industry a lot less green

Rather than rely on the artificial, the cultivation team at Hava Gardens chooses to follow the methods Mother Nature intended. 

Their cannabis is grown in Living Soil teeming with microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria and nematodes that are sustained with all-natural nutrient sources, such as kelp meal and worm castings. These tiny inhabitants nourish the plants and aerate the space below ground, allowing for an ideal environment for plants to spread their roots and thrive. No chemicals are added and, therefore, contaminants are nonexistent in the harvested plant.

In addition, Hava Gardens grows its cannabis in greenhouses that make the most of natural solar power. The greenhouse environment is beneficial in many ways: A reduced carbon footprint, sure, but also consistency between seasons and protection from ash and toxins found in wildfire smoke that has become a major factor of concern in recent years.

Regardless of Hava Gardens’ level of eco-friendliness, there exists a hidden means of pollution: the way the facility might be powered.

Indoor cannabis cultivation requires a lot of electricity for lighting the rooms and 24/7 climate control. The greenhouses at Hava Gardens make the most of solar power and natural heating and cooling. 

Automated systems keep the facility operating at peak efficiency, and ensure the plants are always getting the most out of daylight hours for sun-kissed cannabis no matter the season.

How Living Soil Sustains Itself

Most indoor growers practice extreme wastefulness. 

After juicing their soil and ginning up the flower, a water-intensive “flush” period follows before plants are harvested. And then the next growth cycle requires that they exorcise all traces of the previous plants and any potential pathogens by tossing their growing medium into the trash and beginning with a new batch.

You won’t find any of Hava Gardens’ soil filling up a Dumpster or bound for a landfill. One reason why Living Soil is so powerful is that it just gets better with time. 

Not only can it be reused again and again, but the practice is highly encouraged—the beneficial organisms in Living Soil continually improve the soil over time, meaning each growth cycle is richer than the last. Waste not, want not, as the saying goes. 

Clean Cannabis = Superior Concentrates

At äkta, we love Hava Gardens cannabis because the greenest grows also yield pure and clean cannabis flower rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Our traditional methods of capturing plant trichomes as hash and then transforming the hash into Live Rosin with only gentle heat and pressure leave no room for substandard cannabis.

Because äkta’s process preserves trichomes—and the cannabinoids and terpenes housed within them—what we make is a precise rendition of the cleanest cannabis available, whether it’s our Cold Cure Live Rosin Batter, Live Rosin Gummies or Live Rosin Vape Carts.

Experience what makes Hava Gardens’ sustainably sourced cannabis so remarkable by trying äkta’s products from one of our many partner dispensaries—find a retailer near you.

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