Dab Temps Matter: A Beginner's Guide to Dabbing Temperatures

Dabbing has a bit of a learning curve for first-timers, no doubt. Let’s say your prep work is complete: You’ve assembled a dab rig, procured a handheld torch and have your favorite concentrate teed up on your dabber. You apply heat to the nail until it glows a light red. Then the questions begin.

Is this the proper shade of rouge to indicate that it’s dabbing time? Should you keep heating for another 20 seconds? Should you have dabbed 20 seconds ago? How hot is too hot? Where’s your handheld temperature gauge? Suddenly, a clear plan is shrouded in a fog of uncertainty.

Taking the perfect dab requires a delicate balancing act between just barely melting the concentrate and burning it entirely. But once you have identified your ideal dabbing temperature, it will take only one puff of Live Rosin to understand why dabbing can offer a superb cannabis experience that not only packs a punch but is a true representation of the cannabis plant.

Here’s a breakdown of the ways different dabbing temperatures affect the concentrate’s effects, and how to get the most out of äkta’s strain-specific, cold-cured Live Rosin using your dab rig.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

Dabbers who are interested in tapping into the full flavor of the original plant will want to keep a close eye on the torch time. And if your dab rig isn’t equipped with a temperature gauge, get a high-temperature, non-contact infrared thermometer or even better, a dabbing-specific thermometer. Precision matters.

Cannabis terpenes—elements that are responsible for the plant’s aroma and flavor and believed to contribute to the entourage of effects—will begin to boil into vapor at temperatures in the 350-400°F range, according to Leafly. Overheating can cause the concentrate to lose much of its seductive quality if one goes too far above that range.

A lower temperature means there’s also less of a chance that the hash oil within the concentrate will evaporate or burn, which not only can make for an unpleasant, harsh hit but can degrade the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, lowering the overall high.

The concentrate experts at äkta recommend a window of 375-500°F as the optimal range for enjoying our Live Rosin, to ensure you get the full spectrum of delicious terpenes from our carefully cultivated cannabis sourced from Hava Gardens.

Lower-temperature dabs do have trade offs. Not all of the concentrate will transform into vapor, and the remaining residue will need to be cleaned between sessions if you want to enjoy a pristine experience the next time. Concentrates can’t necessarily be reheated without diminishing the experience.

High-Temperature Dabbing

While lacking in terpenes, high-temperature dabs can offer a more pronounced high. This is because the THC found within cannabis is, in fact, the result of heating “inactive” THCA molecules—which do not produce intoxicating effects—until they convert to THC.

Hitting a higher-temperature range of 550-600+ degrees Farhenheit maximizes the resulting amount of THC you will ultimately ingest. Because most of the concentrate will melt away, post-dab cleanup is easier. In fact, high-temperature dabs often don’t require a carb cap to trap the vapor produced by a slow burn; that’s one less piece of equipment to purchase and maintain.

But let’s be real: There’s a lot more to experience from cannabis concentrates than a THC-focused high.

The downsides to high-temperature dabs extend beyond the diminished flavor. As you can imagine, super-hot vapor in your throat is not the most pleasurable of sensations. Plus, you will miss out on the more robust qualities of concentrates like äkta’s Live Rosin—crafted through a process that preserves the plant’s full suite of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The Best Dab Rig is a Clean Dab Rig

Cleaning and maintaining your dab rig is as important as how you use it; excess residue can build up inside the nail and mar your next dabbing experience.

Once the nail has had a chance to cool somewhat, remove it with a towel or oven mitt and wipe away any remaining oil before it hardens. The simplest method to clean glass nails is to use glob mops—which, while sold under that moniker, are essentially cotton swabs, so you can save a little cash by opting for that alternative. You can also place titanium and quartz bangers into a mix of rubbing alcohol and salt, stir gently so the salt can loosen any hardened concentrate, then let sit for 10 minutes and wipe down.

Follow these steps and every dabbing experience can be as enjoyable as the first time. For best results, pick up äkta’s new Live Rosin concentrates at these Colorado dispensaries.

Which Concentrate Is Best for Dabbing?

https://420life.com/best-dabbing-temp/Ultimately, the ideal dabbing temperature settings boil down to the material making up the nail (titanium, quartz, glass or e-nail) and the type of concentrate being used.

Live Rosin fares far better at lower temperatures because there’s no potential destruction of the natural compounds housed in the plant’s original trichomes, which are collected in our traditional process for making hash and transformed into Live Rosin through the use of gentle heat and pressure. What you dab will, ultimately, represent a precise expression of the entire flower. With minimal heat-related degradation, the more accurate the experience.

Other forms of concentrates arrive with significant deficiencies. In an attempt to isolate as much of the THC as possible, some concentrate manufacturers rely on chemical solvents such as butane or propane, which maximize the volume of THC while disintegrating pretty much everything else, including terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids. Not only will the experience of ingesting these THC-focused concentrates feel significantly less nuanced, but some residue from the solvents might linger. Who wants that?

Dialing In the Perfect Dab

The best and most effective way to identify your ideal dabbing temperature is through experimentation: If possible, try different kinds of rigs and nails until you’re enjoying a dab that reminds you of what attracted you to this magical plant in the first place: the tantalizing tastes, the interplay of mind and body effects.

Try the exemplary experience of äkta’s Live Rosin for yourself by visiting our website for more information on how it’s made and where you can find our entire line of Live Rosin products.

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