Get to Know äkta: Meet Our Single-Source In-House Partner, Hava Gardens

The Hava Gardens philosophy starts from the ground up: For this Colorado cannabis cultivator, healthy soil is central to growing world-class cannabis.

The name itself, “Hava,” is of Hebrew origin—it loosely translates to “life” and serves as the root of the biblical figure Eve. The ethos of a natural, life-giving process is found at every step of the Hava Gardens growth process.

äkta is proud to receive all of its cannabis from Hava Gardens. All-natural flower harvested at peak maturity makes for a pure representation of the plant in our Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies.

The Inside Story on äkta Single-Source Supplier Hava Gardens

Centuries ago, cannabis cultivators had no access to industrial farming equipment or synthetic fertilizers, so they relied on growing techniques passed down through generations. Like äkta and our time-tested process for making hash, Hava Gardens believes in honoring the traditions of our cann-ancestors. 

Longtime cannabis cultivator Cassandra Maffey innovated a soil-focused growing technique, Scalable Living Soil Cultivation, that would produce only the cleanest cannabis.

Using Maffey’s methodology, All Hava Gardens cannabis is planted in Living Soil, which contains a robust and complex collection of microbes: bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other microscopic creatures. In fact, a single handful of Hava Gardens soil contains millions of probiotic microorganisms. 

These organisms work in symbiosis to nurture the plant from seedling to harvest. They break down raw nutrients, aerate the soil and help to naturally protect the cannabis plant from pathogens and pests. The resulting yield is healthy flower rich in terpenes and cannabinoids—independent test results further confirm that in its first cultivation cycles, Hava Gardens cannabis contains levels of terpenes, THC and other cannabinoids that most growers won’t see for years.

äkta celebrates the work of Hava Gardens by fully expressing the purity of the plants they provide. Together, we start the hash-making process by flash-freezing the cannabis flower as soon as it’s harvested. This ensures that the Live Rosin crafted by the äkta extraction team contains the cannabinoids and terpenes that were harvested at their peak freshness.

Nourishing Meals Sans Empty Calories

At äkta and Hava Gardens, we understand that protein shakes, fistfuls of multivitamins and fast-food meals might temporarily satiate our hunger but do little to cultivate overall health. Humans need whole, natural foods, like fresh veggies and lean proteins, to truly nourish our energy and well-being. Plants are no different.

Hava Gardens’ Living Soil is amended thoughtfully, as its inhabitants already produce an array of nutrients to holistically feed the plant. What the cultivation team does add is minimally processed and naturally occurring—this includes kelp meal, alfalfa meal, worm castings, molasses, biochar, insect frass and sustainably harvested guanos. 

These inputs serve as wholesome food to keep those microorganisms well fed. This practice is far superior to that of adding artificial sources of energy, which are typically high in salts and can damage the soil, resulting in a subpar plant.

Saving Soil and Reducing Waste

Few people opt to dine using disposable plates, silverware and cups for every single meal—it’s not only extremely wasteful, but ultimately costs more money.

Living Soil not only preserves the natural growing process but also significantly reduces waste. The soil ecosystem maintained at Hava Gardens doesn’t require synthesized fertilizers, which can often consist of byproducts from the gas and oil industries. 

Living Soil is regenerative in and of itself, and not only retains its purity between growth cycles but enhances its level of nutrients over time. Pest control is handled by insects and probiotic bacteria, not the harsh and often-toxic additives found in modern agriculture. Living Soil is also built to last: It never needs to be replaced, which means year-over-year, Hava Gardens saves roughly 648,000 pounds of soil from piling up in landfills.

There is no chance you will encounter trace chemical residues in äkta’s solventless Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies, as we also eschew harsh chemicals. 

Captains of the Planet

By continuously reusing Living Soil and never using synthesized pesticides or fertilizers, Hava Gardens serves as a steward for environmentalism and sustainability in the cannabis industry. We at äkta are in sync with Hava Gardens in that mission, and pride ourselves in presenting their quality cannabis in its purest form to our customers.

Now that you know the inside story of akta’s single-source Live Rosin, take a closer look at the Hava Gardens cannabis cultivation facility in western Colorado.

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