äkta Live Rosin Gummies: How We Make Our Artisanal Treats

At äkta, we ensure our Live Rosin Gummies contain not only the spirit of the whole plant, but the full profile of the source material, as well.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how we make our deliciously dosed gummies and why our manufacturing process makes äkta Live Rosin Gummies so special.

It All Starts With Living-Soil Cannabis 

Without premium-grade flower serving as a base, gummies and other edibles simply cannot live up to their full potential or provide the level of therapeutic and recreational benefits that discerning consumers want.

Our priority at äkta is to heighten the cannabis concentrate experience and offer consumers the purest, highest-quality concentrated products available on the market. That’s why we have chosen to partner with Hava Gardens—a trusted local grower renowned for its all-natural methods and high-caliber cannabis—to provide all the source cannabis that goes into our Live Rosin Gummies and Vape Carts. 

The difference resides in the Earth itself. Hava Gardens grows its cannabis in “Living Soil,” which serves as a replica of how the flower would grow in the wild under ideal conditions. The soil is teeming with microbiotic life—a community of bacteria, nematodes and fungi that enhance the soil with nutrients as part of a natural biological process, then break those nutrients down to be more easily absorbed by the plant. This process also causes natural aeration of the soil, further bolstering the buds with increased oxygen flow from the roots.

All told, the Living-Soil Cultivation method produces some of the finest cannabis we’ve ever encountered. And we know that sourcing cannabis flower of this quality serves as a critical foundation for producing the highest-quality concentrated products that we’re proud to offer our customers.

What You See is What You Get

Each step of our manufacturing process maintains an eye towards conservation. In collecting all of the plant’s cannabinoid- and terpene-rich elements, we simply bathe the frozen stalks in ice water and gently separate the trichomes from the leaf by hand. Once these are condensed into ice water hash, we apply only a slight amount of heat and pressure to the material, transforming it into the potent and flavorful live rosin found in äkta’s Live Rosin Gummies. Finally, we blend the resulting hash oil with some medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to allow for quicker and more effective absorption by the body.  

Our live rosin process eschews the need for any questionable solvents such as ethanol, butane or benzene, a known carcinogen that attacks the bone marrow. All of these chemicals are effective in extracting THC from cannabis flower, but ultimately, they do not preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, and they can leave potentially hazardous solvent residues behind. 

Our manufacturing method protects the full-spectrum of the source flower, delivering a true entourage effect that kicks in quicker and more efficiently, and more closely resembles the effects of smoking or vaping, rather than the experience of traditional edibles, which can take a long time to kick in.

Look and Feel the Difference

But, ultimately, why would anyone choose to pop a gummy if it doesn’t taste or look any good?

We’ve tried our fair share of disappointing gummies, which is why, at äkta, we finish our gummies with artisanal flourishes to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience. Our dedicated team hand pours each gummy in their molds, then extracts the finished gummies and lightly dusts them with fine powdered sugar to taste. We then package our gummies in fully recyclable tins, labeled to include all of our testing results for maximum transparency.

Our gummies have zero trans fat and they’re vegan friendly and gluten free. Each tin contains 20 gummies, with 5mg of THC per gummy (100mg THC total). We currently offer our gummies in seven delicious flavors, including Hibiscus (Sativa), Guava (Sativa), White Peach (hybrid), Prickly Pear (hybrid), Papaya (indica), Blueberry Lemonade (indica), and our newest flavor, Passion Fruit CBD 1:1, produced with CBD isolate.

Smell, taste and feel the difference for yourself by visiting one of our many partner dispensaries located across Colorado.

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