Living Soil and Cannabis: Why Conscientious Cultivation Matters for Concentrates

Cannabis seeds and solventless concentrates bear little physical resemblance to one another, but they share an affinity for conscientious cultivation methods. 

Clean cannabis grown in Living Soil, which doesn’t need artificial soil enhancers or pesticides, becomes especially meaningful once the flower takes the form of äkta’s Live Rosin: What you get is a precise recreation of the plant for a full-spectrum cannabis experience.

Living Soil and Cannabis

The cannabis produced by conscientious cultivation stands on the shoulders of ancient ancestors—namely, a thriving ecosystem of microscopic organisms. 

Cannabis thrives in Living Soil, which is far more than just dirt: A single handful of Living Soil is home to millions of probiotic microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes and tiny arthropods.

These inhabitants are part of a bustling underground city, breaking down nutrients and aerating the soil. Their work results in a well-nourished plant that’s notably richer in terpenes—the compounds in cannabis that produce its aroma and contribute to the entourage effects, both mental and physical.

Solventless concentrates, like äkta’s pure and flavorful Live Rosin, benefit from a stronger, healthier plant that boasts a fully developed terpene profile and is flash-frozen at harvest. Because little is lost on a molecular level, the end result stands as an authentic expression of the original flower and the full spectrum of its fragrances and effects.

Avoiding Artificial Add-Ons

Green processes lead to better green.

Over billions of years, soil-based insects and microscopic organisms have built natural resiliency to pathogens and predators, and found ways to sustain themselves and the plants around them using what already exists below ground.

Today’s Living Soil cannabis cultivation leverages these all-natural processes, subverting the need for harsh, man-made fertilizers and pesticides—many of which contain byproducts from the petroleum industry.

A simple diet of organic inputs—kelp meal, alfalfa meal, worm castings, molasses, biochar, insect frass and sustainably harvested guanos—nourishes the ecosystem within Living Soil and empowers the symbiotic network to fight any pests that threaten the cannabis plant.

A conscientious cultivation process also doesn’t require that the soil be replaced, tilled or otherwise manipulated between harvest cycles. Better yet, Living Soil becomes more rich with nutrients over time, ensuring that each crop contributes to future generations.

The process becomes evermore eco-conscious as well: The cultivation team at Hava Gardens, akta’s partner in growing the clean cannabis found in our Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies, estimates they save 648,000 pounds of soil from going to the landfill each year.

The More You Know, the Better the Grow

At the core of the conscientious cultivation ethos is transparency in how the cannabis is grown and harvested. Fortunately, this is not a difficult concession for conscientious cultivators to make because they keep the soil-building process simple.

We’re proud to extend transparency to our process of making Live Rosin. What begins with flash-frozen fresh cannabis that’s fully mature at harvest, ends when the resulting ice-water hash—made from the full, untarnished plant trichomes—is gently heated and pressed until it liquifies and turns a warm, golden color. Because no harsh solvents are applied to isolate the THC from other cannabinoids, akta’s full-spectrum Live Rosin contains every sublime element of its source material. There’s nowhere for subpar cannabis or chemical residue to hide.

Sample for yourself how conscientious cultivation results in the highest quality of concentrates by picking up äkta’s Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies from any of our partner dispensaries, found via our store locator. And if you live in Colorado, here are some top dispensaries to try.

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