What is Living Soil Cannabis?

For an abundant harvest, the cannabis plant outlines a few key demands: plenty of light, space to stretch its roots, nutrients and of course water. But what’s most important—and often overlooked—is the relationship between the plant and the soil it’s grown in.

In commercial cultivation, the contents of the soil can vary wildly. Many growers choose to start each cycle with a new batch of growing medium, and amend with salt-heavy fertilizers or other synthesized chemical inputs that, while theoretically boosting yields, wind up tarnishing the flower and impeding it from reaching its full potential. 

At äkta’s sister company Hava Gardens, in the production of wholesale cannabis slated for retail and infused products, we’ve gathered plenty of firsthand experience on how growing cannabis in all-natural Living Soil results in a singular product: A bounty of big, beautiful buds that test higher in terpenes and cannabinoids than many cultivators can achieve after years of tinkering with nutrient formulations. 

For äkta’s Live Rosin concentrates, vape carts and edibles, only Hava Gardens will do, because once customers have experienced Living Soil cannabis, they never want anything else.

Here’s more on why cannabis grown in Living Soil boasts extremely high quality and why consumers are seeking it out:

Rooted in Composition and Decomposition

Think of Living Soil as a hustling, bustling metropolis where microorganisms unite to erect skyscraping cannabis. 

Every citizen of this ecosystem plays a part. Bacteria, fungi, mitochondria and nematodes exist in symbiosis, dining on worm castings, bone meal and other organic food sources and providing nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the cannabis roots. 

In the process of moving about the Living Soil, these microscopic inhabitants provide natural aeration, which increases needed oxygen flow to the plant’s roots and encourages it to reach its full growth potential. And the continual use and amending of the Living Soil develops a robust biome that only gets stronger with time. .

What You See Is What You Smoke (or Vape, or Eat…)

Like the market for organic fruits and vegetables, in which consumers readily pay more because they care about what they’re putting in their bodies, discerning cannabis consumers now expect to ingest, well, cannabis—and nothing else.

Not surprisingly, consumers are seeking out cannabis grown in Living Soil not only for the top-quality, trichome-packed buds it produces, but also because it is some of the cleanest, most pure cannabis available.

A lot of this has to do with what’s not added to Living Soil: artificial fertilizers and pesticides, many of which are derived from noxious chemicals and salt-heavy feedlot manures that do more harm than good to the plant. Plus, there’s a greater likelihood some residue could remain once the cannabis is harvested. 

With so many cannabis options available today, consumers will gravitate to whichever product can most closely deliver on its promise of quality

Conscientious Concentrates

Consumers’ preference for Living Soil cannabis and organic growing techniques extends to the final product, regardless of consumption method. It’s far easier to exercise quality control when grinding fresh flower and packing a bowl; less so when ingesting concentrates, as the manufacturing process is often obscured.

At äkta, we expand the clean cannabis mindset of all-natural growth and transparency into how we transform Hava Gardens’ cannabis into our award-winning solventless Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies. 

Once we have separated the trichomes from the plant matter by bathing the flash-frozen cannabis in ice water, we then collect the resulting bubble hash and apply gentle heat and pressure to create the Live Rosin. This process, starting with the time-tested method for making hash, is most notable for what it does not include: chemical runoff from petrochemical-based solvents. By subverting the need for solvents, we preserve the plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile, maintaining the precise potency and particular strain effects from start to finish.

For more information on Hava Gardens and why cannabis grown in Living Soil is performing gangbusters with consumers, visit the Hava Gardens site.

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